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The internet has democratized the ability for all of us to have a voice. 60 million scientific papers, 130 million books and exabytes of data are accessible at our fingertips.


For many people, it’s a daunting challenge. For the Mixed Mental Arts community, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. We now have the ability to build a richer, more dynamic and more interesting culture and break beyond the narrow boundaries of academic disciplines and limited tribal perspectives.


Bryan Callen and Hunter Maats' job is to simply make that process easier and help midwife in those cultures. Through our individual research, the Mixed Mental Arts team has discovered a few things about humanity. 

None of us are as smart individually as we are in groups. Together, we can forge a better world, regardless of who you are. We can empower the universal human capacity for pattern recognition presenting what works, and discarding the rest to improve the mosaic. 


Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do by absorbing martial arts techniques that were effective, discarding ones that were not, and adding what was uniquely his own. Physicist David Bohm once gave a speech, at the end of which an audience member asked, “Professor Bohm, this is all very interesting philosophy. But what does it have to do with physics?” Bohm replied, “I do not make that distinction.” Mixed Martial Arts built on that tradition. We believe in doing the same thing. All ideas, stories, mental models, tools, words, pictures, and recipes are designed to help us navigate reality and have better lives filled with prosperity, purpose and meaningful connections.


Why wouldn’t we draw strength wherever we can find it?

Bryan Callen

Co-host of the Mixed Mental Arts podcast and world-renowned actor-comedian, Bryan Callen grew up seeing great poverty from inside an air-conditioned car. His extensive travels and hunger for knowledge have given him empathy for people from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. He will charm, seduce, fight, and tease you, all while making you laugh harder than you have before.

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Hunter Maats

Co-host of the Mixed Mental Arts podcast, Hunter Maats is an author screenwriter and education specialist who co-wrote The Straight-A Conspiracy. Like Bryan Callen, he grew up seeing great poverty and has dedicated his life to empowering humanity to solve the world’s problems. He leads the Mixed Mental Arts movement with the motto:

"criticize by creating"  

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