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Mixed Mental Arts

Belt System

Welcome Socialis

 We live in an age when there is a vast amount of information. There are 60 million books, 130 million scientific papers and exabytes of data. It’s truly staggering. In fact, it’s overwhelming. In the face of that tremendous complexity, we face a shared dilemma:


No one knows what to believe anymore.


And as anyone who is a fan of alien invasion movies or The Walking Dead knows, a clear external threat like that requires us to pull together to solve the problem. Our first, tentative step towards doing that is the Mixed Mental Arts Belt System.

This is a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" through the latest and most relevant science (and other podcasts) to help everyone on their path to dignity, prosperity, and ikigai. Each belt begins with a single elegant phrase that leads to a deeper understanding of humanity. The information has been fashioned into practical mental tools that can immediately transform someone’s life for the better.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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What Is Your


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Culture Binds &


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The Purpose of


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Our Heroes


Learn. Unlearn. Relearn

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It is all Cults

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